The Warrior Princess

“Hi-YA!” The Warrior Princess kicked her foot high above her head, sending her slipper flying. She spun around on one foot with the other leg held straight out, sending three surprised bad guys sprawling, and losing her other slipper. Seeing yet another group approaching, she whisked her sword from its sheath and tossed it into the air, signaling she was ready for battle. It flipped three times going up and twice on the descent. She caught it by the handle and tossed it to the other hand.

 The bad guys watched, dismayed and astonished at her swordplay, as she whirled her sword around her hand and stabbed the air with enough force to puncture a steel wall.

Suddenly, she turned gracefully on her heel and waved her sword in a fancy pattern right in front of their faces. They screeched and ran deep into the Chairandresser forest. The Warrior Princess followed, her bare feet making no noise on the thick carpeting.
As she was slicing through thorn bushes to make a path, she froze. What was that? She peered through a tullebush and gasped. A mountain lion!

The lion slowly, lazily, got to his feet and yawned. He licked at a spot on his back where his fur had been rumpled, and stretched out in the middle of the path.

The Warrior Princess knew she had to get past the mountain lion if she wanted to beat the bad guys to the Canopy Palace. She took a deep breath and hoped she had practiced enough. One mistake could mean her life. She gave a bloodcurdling yell and ran out from behind the bush, swinging her sword. The lion looked up, annoyed and confused, and skedaddled to some other part of the world, where no Warrior Princess would disturb its nap.
The Warrior Princess did a victory dance, spinning on one toe and swinging her sword around her head. She jumped three feet, landed in a split and climbed to her feet in less then a minute, showing she had had lots of practice. She jumped again and landed on her feet with a thump. After looking around to make sure the bandits hiding by the side of the road hadn’t heard, she crept to another tullebush and peeked through. Her heart leapt. There it was! The Canopy Palace! But there was something else there that had never been mentioned in the tales of old...

A mountain. The Trundlebed Mountain. Everyone had thought it just a legend…but everyone thought wrong. The bad guys were standing at the foot of it, dazed. They hadn't found a way up.

If I go back and get my rock climbing equipment, the Princess mused, they might get to the Canopy Palace before I do. No, I must climb it now. I will use the swordplay technique. With that final decision, she ran lightly to the mountain, sword withdrawn.

The bad guys could do nothing but stare at her ingenious way of climbing. She stuck her sword in as high as she could reach and strenuously pulled herself to the next ledge. Careful to avoid leaving telltale footprints on the pillowrock, she shoved her sword in higher and climbed again. And again. After repeating that step two thousand, one billion times, she reached the Canopy Palace.

This was it. She had defeated armies, climbed mountains, scared mountain lions and conquered mountains to get here. And she had won.

Holding her sword as high as she could, she stood up and called to the world,

 "勝利! 勝利! 私は勝った!"
("Victory! Victory! I have won!")

She was so preoccupied with her yells she didn’t hear the bedroom door opening. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a young, female voice asked her, “What are you doing!?”

The Warrior Princess turned around and saw all of her sisters peering at her through the doorway. She worked up a smile, blushing furiously. “Oh…hi.” Candy put her duct tape sword back in its sheath and jumped off the bed, nearly stepping on three of her brother's army men. “Was I too loud?”


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