Lily here. Are you wondering about our fantastic new "Sockwear" Fashions? Here's the story:

One day Margaret, Britney and Annie took Alicia for a walk (though Alicia would say it's the other way around). On their way around the block, they passed the house of a seamstress, a good friend of mine. When she saw them, she ran outside carrying a big, black bag. Gasping for breath, she told them a customer had ordered a bunch of thick, warm socks, but after she had made them, it turned out he had called the wrong number and meant to call the pet store for some "sick worm rocks." She now had an overload on socks.

"Do you think Lily might want them?" she asked.

Britney asked, "Can we play with them, Ms. Seamstriss?"

"I don't care what you do with them," answered my friend. "Just take them!"

"Yes, yes!" cried the five-year-olds.

So Alicia carried home this big bag of socks, we were all very excited.

"What do we do with them?" I asked.

Ideas poured in.

"Slide down the stairs in them!"

"Use them as a parachute!"

"Fly them like kites!"

"Why don't we put them on our feet?" Lolly suggested.

"Our feet are much too small," I explained.

 She replied, "Sew 'em to fit!"

"We could wear them as hats!" Margaret shouted, jumping up and down.

 Their ideas inspired me.

"THAT'S IT!" I said. "Let's make clothes out of them!"

Everyone agreed that was the best idea of all, so Allison and I set to work.


Our first attempt didn't work so well:

Actually, that one was Margaret's idea. But once we cut three holes for her face and arms...

Ta Da! Margaret appears!


This one wasn't our best, either:

(We didn't know what to do to fix that one.)


Mini Kit joined the fun and made her own outfit, with a little sewing help...

(Just...don't look at the back.)


Here are some more. This adorable tank top was made by cutting two holes in the stretchy top of the sock:


(We didn't forget the hat idea.)


           The rest of the now-topless sock made a simple-but-pretty dress:


Laura added her own embellishments to the dress, and I made a pair of socks:

(Mini Kit made herself a dress from the top of a sock.)


Finally, Allison and I created fashionable outfits for ourselves. Mine is a topless sock with one armhole and a thin tube for a sleeve, and Ally's is a shirt like Laura's, a skirt made from the upside-down top of the sock, and a long, red scarf.



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