Hello, I'm Rosita. I'm a Proverbs 31 doll! I was bought from a garage sale somewhere in August or September 2010.

My favorite season is autumn, because, not only was I bought in the fall, but on October 4, 2011, I took a walk with Margaret, Kathryn, Didi and Marissa Lynn. And, in October 2015, I had a photo-shoot with Faith and Echo Persephone. Why do things keep happening to me in October?

Anyways, I'm a gymnast. I'm very flexible, and I'm completely flat in my right split. My left split... Not so much. I want to make it to the Dollympics one day!


See my black hair in the picture above? There's a story behind it. First, I used to wash my hair with special shampoo. It was in a red bottle and the liquid itself was red. It made my hair look brighter when I washed with it. Now, Kira, the rag doll, has her own shampoo that only works on yarn. It's also in a red bottle, and it's red too. One day, I was taking a shower and I accidentally used Kira's shampoo. When I stepped out, my hair had all burnt off! I spent the rest of the week wearing hats. Luckily, my hair grew back though, and now it's black because the roots got burnt. I think it looks good on me, so I like it.

By the way, the cat in the first picture is Marshmallow and the cat in the second picture is Ribbon. I love cats, especially white ones! They're just soooo cute!


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