A story by Lily

Nobody is sure how it happened. All we know is that, one moment, she was a happy chicken eating corn in a farmyard, and the next, someone pointed and shouted, "There he is! I'd know that sweater anywhere!"

Someone snatched her up and carried her, clucking and kicking with surprise, into the schoolhouse. "Bill!" he scolded as he walked down the hall. "Enough with the chicken impersonations! Think you can play hooky and hide with the hens, do you?" Throwing open a classroom door, he plopped her into a seat and pushed a pencil against her wing. "Now work, and don't sneak out again!" He stomped out.

The chicken looked around uncomfortably at the nineteen staring eyes and nervously chewed her pencil.

The teacher clapped for attention. "Mathematical class!" She quickly scribbled a row of numbers across the blackboard. "Algebraic equation. You have twenty minutes to solve it."

Moans echoed through the classroom, and all heads but the chicken's bent to their papers. The chicken tipped her head and stared at the blackboard. "2.6457 times X minus X = 11.5199?" she thought. She glanced down at her paper, and her pencil flew across it. "It couldn't possibly be a number over six, or the digits before the decimal point would be differently arranged. And not five, or four, because..."

Intent on her work, she jumped with surprise when the teacher cleared her throat. "Time is up, Bill." She took the chicken's paper, compared it to a paper she had taken from a different student, and smirked. "So wrong, Bill, so..." Her eyebrows jumped. Suddenly, she turned, hurried to her desk, and flipped open the answer book. Her mouth dropped, and she uttered a shriek.

The door slammed open and two other teachers rushed in, eyes wide with surprise and worry. "What's wrong!?"

Pale hand trembling, she held out the paper. "It's... it's..." She paused and took a breath, trying to grasp the truth. "It's absolutely correct!"

One of the other teachers snatched the paper. His eyes scanned it, and the blood left his face. He silently passed it to the other teacher. She took one glance. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she swayed, and fell against him in a dead faint.

The entire human class sprang to their feet, mouths hanging open, and several girls screeched and threw their arms in the air. Gripped by panic and disbelief, they ran in circles, yelling, "It's not true! It's not true! I donít believe it!" The girls continued screaming bloody murder at the tops of their lungs.

As the door flew open once again and a crowd of policemen stampeded in, clutching handcuffs and trying to push their way through the chaos, the confused chicken quietly jumped out the first-floor window and walked back to her chicken yard, hoping the other chickens had left some corn for her.

The End

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