Another Story

Marissa Lynn:  Once upon a time there was a girl named Nelda Detwiler....

Laura Ashley:  ...she liked to solve mysteries!

Lily:  One day, while she was walking down the street, a man approached her and he said...

Kailey:  He said, "I heard what you said about American Girl dolls! How dare you, Nancy Glumfield! I'll get you for this!"

Lily:  Ummm.... That's Nelda Detwiler, Kailey.

Kailey:  Whatever.

Annie:  He laughed.

Alicia:  Then he showed her his card. He was a talent scout!

Elisabeth:  He said, "I have been searching far and wide for a scream as good as yours. You could peel paper off the walls! You could shatter mirrors! Please, please, come work for me. I'll make you a star!"

Margaret:  NO!

Elisabeth:  No? NO?!? How could Nelda say, "No"? This was the chance of a lifetime! Never mind, then. She screamed again.

Alicia:  That's when she discovered he was a talent scout for "Doctor Who."

Julia:  She said, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I've always wanted to scream on Doctor Who!"

Elisabeth:  Unfortunately, at that very moment, she was abducted by aliens.

Marisol:  But she escaped and lived happily ever after.


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