Our Story

Allison: Once upon a time... there was a little boy.

Laura Ashley: His name was John.

Candy: He played a game.

Abeka Louise: He played a game with his dog.

Marissa Lynn: He jumped in the air.

Lily: And he landed in a leaf pile.

Britney: He ate a leaf.

Emily: Then he played with his friend.

Melissa: He fell asleep.

Elisabeth: THAT was his FATAL MISTAKE!!!!

Annie: He died.

Lynda: No, he didn't die! You're ruining the story!

Julia: Oh, brother. He got better and lived happily ever after, then. Can we start a new story?

Kailey: Hey! I didn't get a turn!

Alicia: Neither did I.

Mini AG Dolls: Neither did we! Can we start the next story?


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