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We are Mini Nellie, Mini Samantha, Mini Kirsten, Mini Kit, Mini Elisabeth, Mini Molly, Mini Addy, Mini Felicity, Mini Josephina, and Mini Marisol!

We American Girl Mini Dolls are a special and often underrated lot. You can find so much on eighteen-inch dolls and so little on six-inch AG dolls. We've searched the Internet for other AG Mini Doll websites and here are a few we've found.

This first page is one we really liked. It's about how to personalize your AG Mini Doll. You can replace her eyes with beads and give her a new look with a mini-wig!  It also tells you how to make special accessories for her out of Sculpey Clay.
Make A Mini American Girl Doll Collection

This website has a free clothing pattern for AG Mini Dolls:
Mini Dolls Long Sleeve Dress

We asked Lily if she could sew us some clothes using the Long Sleeve Dress pattern, and she told us the pattern is for eight-inch dolls, but she altered it down and made a couple dresses for us. Also, using our computer scanner and Paint Shop Pro 9, she reduced some eighteen-inch doll clothes patterns forty percent to make more clothes to fit us. Mini Kirsten is wearing one of the dresses Lily made in our banner picture.

Lily suggested we ask the Barbie Dolls if we could try on some of their clothes! She said, if the Barbies were agreeable, altering their clothes to fit us would be much easier than sewing from scratch. The Barbie dolls said they have so many clothes they'd never miss a few. We're putting up pictures of us in our new outfits. Click on a Mini Doll's name to see her! (Most of the photos have been retouched in PSP9.)

Mini Samantha's Fashions
Mini Kit's Fashions
Mini Kirsten's Fashions
Mini Nellie's Fashions

Mini Elisabeth's Fashions
Mini Marisol's Fashions
Mini Josephina's Page


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