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The Sounds of the Pets

A cow, "mooooooo! Your turn."
A sheep, "baaaaaaaaa-baaaaa! Your turn."
A cat, "meow, meow! Your turn."
A pig, "ornc, ornc! Your turn."
A dog, "woof, woof! Your turn."
A bear, "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Good Night!!!

I See Something

We see a bee
that said, "Whee!"
I just see!

Princess Tales

Oh, tales of old,
Princess with sky eyes,
And hair of pure gold,
Swatting at pesky flies.


The Backpack
There once was a dress
That was lacy and proud of herself
And so she was made
Into a backpack.


Crayons are things people draw with,
Erasers are things people use to erase.
And colored pencils,
Are always useful,
Whenever you draw
A bicycle race.


Four Haikus

A friend plus a friend
equals friendship unrivaled
and without dissent.
Haiku. That's three.
Poetry. That's three more there.
Melissa. I'm done.

My sisters are cool
And they are very funny
How does this thing rhyme?

Flowers are pretty
And they smell even sweeter
I wish I had some


I Thought No One Knew

Once I reached for a candy,
Though I had not asked;
I thought it was dandy
I thought it was masked.
Annie was playing with blocks on the floor;
Britney had left to ask mother for more.
Julia was painting a picture with care;
Amber was splashing her paints everywhere.
Lily was sewing herself a new dress.
Marissa was cooking (and making a mess!)
Becky was reading a book about history.
Lizzie was writing herself a new mystery.
Rena was gabbing away on the phone,
while Laura was quietly sitting alone.
Margaret was writing a poem for our rug.
Angel was giving Kailey a hug.
Candy was dancing to her favorite song,
and pretty Alicia was singing along.
Allison, crumpled up into a heap,
lay down on the couch, snoring asleep.
(She said not to say that, but yes it is true
And now that I've told you, what can she do?)
So no one was watching, I thought I might do it
What do you think?
Ally beat me to it!

Too Busy
I like to write my poems,
but today I have no time.
Besides I am so busy,
I can't think of a rhyme.

I just might try tomorrow,
When I have more time to think.
But right now at this moment
I have to clean the sink.

I also have to do my math,
And cut some Styrofoam...
Hey, wait! I can't believe it!
I just wrote a poem!


Oh, tales of old,
Princess with sky eyes,
And hair of pure gold,
Swatting at pesky flies.


A Real Angel

A real angel is sweet and good
And does not curse or swear
She always thinks of others first
She's not afraid to share

She doesn't have to be pretty
She doesn't have to be young
As long as she's nice to others
And very kind of tongue

She doesn't have to have golden hair
Or even have white wings
She shouldn't be a bully
To small and helpless things

But a real angel always shows lots of love
And praises our Creator
Lord Jesus up above


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