Kaily and Marisol

Hi! I'm Kailey! And I want to introduce you to my very best friend in the whole world, Marisol! Isn't she great? Isn't that the coolest outfit she's wearing? She's a dancer, you know. I'm wearing her tap outfit in the photo above! Below is a picture of her in her ballet outfit!

Marisol at her ballet performance.

Marisol was giving us a performance in that picture, and boy, is she a good dancer!

My other friend, Elisabeth, has written the story of how we first met Marisol. What an exciting adventure that was! You can read it by clicking on the link below.

Read Kailey's Trauma

 Oh yeah, and Marisol wants to type too, so I have to give up my dear mouse and keyboard. *sniff*

Hi! I'm Marisol! You can see me above. Kailey mostly introduced me already, so I'll just write my hobbies. I dance, of course, and teach dance lessons in the mornings. I love taking care of my cat, Rascal--which as Kailey points out, is a Real American Girl cat! 

Here's a story I wrote myself!

And here's a story about breakfast at our house!

Here's a story about paper bags!


It's ballet!
And prance
I'm hot
You're not
I need
A drink of water.

-by Marisol-


All Rights Reserved

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