Kailey's Memoirs

Introduced by Elisabeth

It all started one day in a big factory in Louisiana. That was the day Kailey was made in China. And the factory workers rejoiced! Or they would have, had they only known how their little girls' dreams had finally come true! How each little girl would long for a Kailey doll of her very own! But alas, Kailey was a limited edition and only a handful were lucky enough to get her. Here is her story...


The first thing I remember seeing was a tall worker punching in my eyes. My big, brown, sparkling eyes! Then they attached my luxurious, sun-streaked blonde hair and tied my beautiful head to my gorgeous body! Oh, what a beautiful doll I was becoming! Looking down, I could see my lovely, white hands with my perfectly shaped fingernails! They had already painted on my perfect eyebrows and my impeccably white teeth and my lovely, rosy little lips. Oh, what a beautiful, flawless doll!!

But suddenly--Oh horrors!--a factory worker with calloused, sunburned hands (not HALF as nice as mine, but then, he wasn't a doll!) grabbed me and stuffed me into this light blue dress with embroidered flowers. I couldn't understand why he was covering such perfection, when he turned my head to the right...left...to the side, and then, I understood!! There, lovingly painted across the expansive factory wall, was this enormous mural of...ME!! And, I understood! (By the way, you may have noticed that I wrote "I understood" twice. No, it's not a mistake. It's just that I'm a very understanding doll.) I understood. This was my dress! My perfect, wonderful blue dress with the perfectly pretty, blue and purple flowers!

But suddenly--and this is really, REALLY scary--another worker grabbed my hair and twisted it back into two ugly, painful braids! I was mortified! Until I saw the mural again (they really do love me so there!), and I realized this was my hairstyle. Kailey's hairstyle! Oh, what wonderful, perfectly beautiful braids!

As I glided down the red-carpeted conveyor belt, especially built for Kailey dolls, and past my dozens and dozens of admiring fans, whose only purpose was to praise my beauty, it occurred to me that I would be, not only beautiful, but talented, too. I would be an expert, a genius, a prodigy on the French Horn. Oh, what perfection!

But suddenly--and this is the scariest part of all--I was snatched from the conveyor belt and jammed into a box! I panicked! I screamed! I yelled for help! But to no avail. Oh, how traumatized I was! Would I never be the same again?!?

I don't remember anymore than that. I must have blacked out, as all dolls do when locked in a cruel, unfriendly box.

When I came to, I was surrounded by my sisters. I noticed their mouths gaping at my beauty, and their eyes, wide with awe and wonder. And I knew, despite my many hardships and troubles, I'd come home at last.

They helped me out of my box. And I lived happily ever after.


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