Here's Kailey, the expensive and perfect American Girl« doll! I have "sun-streaked" blonde hair, brown eyes, and no bangs. I was made by the American Girl« Pleasant Company! Although Mini Kit and Mini Kirsten were made by the same company, I feel they don't count as "real" American Girl« dolls because they're just little, bitty copies of the originals. Marisol is my only companion in this difficult time. American Girl dolls are seriously endangered in becoming drowned out in this rough ocean of copycat 18" dolls!

I like to play the French horn, and every now and then, I lower myself and play along with Emily. I really can't see what a doll like that is doing on this website. Not only isn't she an American Girl« doll, she's 20 inches tall! Not even CLOSE to 18 inches! My mom has been considering buying another AG doll, but I think I've managed to convince her that, if she DOES, she should buy one of the ugly ones, like Kit or Nellie. (Well, I think they're ugly. Their hair is SO SHORT and they have FRECKLES! That can hardly compare to a beautiful, graceful, talented American Girl doll, like Marisol--or ME!) (My Mom is saying something about insults and rudeness. I'm not sure what she means by that.)

One of the things that makes me special is you can't buy me anymore! I was only available from July 2003 to July 2004. Sorry. Try eBay. You'll have to pay a whole lot more than my mom paid for me, but it's well worth it. Trust me.

My very, very, very best friend this week is Marisol. Oh, and Lizzie. She helped write my memoirs. You can read them here...


I'm also an excellent poet:

I am a poet
I bet you never know it
But I can write well
And I am better than everyone else at spell
So this is my poem
It's on the phone

 I have to go now. Bye!!

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