Hi, it's Kailey, Queen of Duckwear! Actually, it's duct-tape-wear, but those silly little fifteen-inch dolls call it "duck tape" so naturally, this has to be "Duckwear." After the Sockwear™ votes were counted, Lily was all set to do the Napkinwear™ when she saw -gasp- we were out of napkins! Oh, no! But luckily, she remembered the suggestion for duct tape, and just went to the store and picked up some tape, both silver and colored. (Don't ask me why she couldn't just buy napkins. I'm not a Gotz® doll.) I wasn't going to participate, but Marisol asked nicely and I couldn't refuse. Who can refuse anything asked by a real American Girl® doll?

Anyways, back to the tape. When Lily got home, the five-year-olds were all ready to unwind rolls and rolls of it and wrap themselves up, but Lily convinced them they wouldn't want to sleep in the duct tape for the rest of their lives. (She barely convinced them. Margaret is still wearing what Lily helped her make.) The first thing they tried was ripping off twice as much as they needed and doubling it over. I could already see that wouldn't work, so I stood back and watched. They did make three cute shoes, but one of them Lolly ripped when she tried to get it off and the others they couldn't make mates for. That was when Julia suggested covering paper with tape, which was what I was thinking all along. We AG dolls are so smart!


First, Lily and Alicia worked together to make this vest out of paper and tape. They covered it, using plain silver duct tape. They only covered the outside, you'll notice. Lily also made a cool sword and a sheath. The sword really fit inside. We taped the sheath to the inside of the vest. Both sword and sheath are paper covered with tape, but the sword had to be reinforced. (I wish you could see what it looked like before she reinforced it. It drooped straight down to the floor!)

I, of course, made the only thing worthy of me. I would have preferred real jewels to duct tape decorations.


When they saw my crown, the fifteen-inch dolls wanted crowns of their own, too. Britney and Margaret, with Julia and Marisol's help, made robot costumes (or are those Christmas presents?) out of light bulb boxes. Actually, I think Britney is the robot and Margaret is the present. Like it really matters, though.

. Britney, Annie, and Margaret

The little Mini-AG copycat dolls found the duck tape too big to work with. First, Samantha got tangled and then Mini Kit got stuck trying to get her out. We unstuck Kit, but Samantha had her legs covered for a while, so she played mermaids. If it had been me, I would have called 911. Here's a picture of them playing in the rolls.

Mini Sam and Mini Kit

Lizzie, my second best friend next to Marisol, snuggled up with our cat Crystal to get her picture taken with her new Rainbow Writing Purse™. See the pencil? She carries that purse everywhere now! (I can't stand animals. Except Marisol's cat, Rascal. He's a genuine American Girl® cat!)

Well that's all....

WAIT! WAIT! What about the other pictures of me!? I only appear once on this whole page! Hey!