The Dancer
by Candy

Tying on his ballet slippers, he danced daintily across the stage. He smiled and whirled, feathers ruffling in the breeze. Bending his knees, he sprang and landed silently on his toes. As he danced, his pink, silk tutu fluttered, and his high, pink tiara sparkled in the light. The music reached a crescendo and he leapt, higher, higher--- and dropped in a crash of joyous clapping.

The manager raced up to him, breathless and grinning. "That was wonderful!" he exclaimed, straightening his bow tie. "The audience loves you!"

The dancer beamed.

"And," added the manager, "to celebrate, I'm going to drive you to Macdonald's and buy you a big bag of chicken nuggets!

The End

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