Chickeneo and Chickenuliet
by Rena

Chickeneo skipped merrily down the cobblestone street, happily daydreaming about his latest true love, Chickenuliet. He paused at a flower stand to buy a dandelion for her, then continued dreamily toward her quaint mansion.

Hearing a roar overhead, he glanced up in time to see a purple dragon skim only inches above his head. The dragon's eyes widened at the sight of the flower, and it licked its lips.

Chickeneo screamed and ran squawking down the street, with the flower-hungry dragon in hot pursuit. Passersby, used to chickens pursued by dragons suddenly zipping past, paid no heed and went calmly on with their daily lives.

Upon reaching Chickenuliet's house, Chickeneo stopped short and heroically dived under the porch. The dragon, pleased by the large, fragrant flower beds, promptly ate them.

Chickenuliet peered out her balcony window. She spotted the dragon and rubbed her eyes with her wings. "What!?" she cried. "My flowers!" She thudded to the ground in a dead faint.

"Nooo!" Chickeneo shouted from beneath the porch. "She's dead!" He burst into noisy tears and cried without ceasing, except when he stopped to breathe.

The dragon huffed. Squawking, fainting, and crying--- these chickens were never quiet! Put out, he yanked up the flowers, stuffed a handful of roses in his mouth, and flew off for somewhere quieter to eat.

Meanwhile, Chickeneo continued wailing. The people were at a loss as to what to do, until they hit upon the brilliant plan of locking him in a soundproof room.

Then the populace lived in peace.

The End

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