The Chicken That Went To School
by Alicia

There once lived a chicken who always wanted to go to school.

"If only I could go to school," dreamed the chicken. "Then I could learn to read and write and how to do mathematical computation. Maybe I could get a career as an astrophysicist instead of scratching around in this barnyard all day, and no one would ever called me bird-brained again."

Then one day, the chicken's big day came. The poultry farm on which the chicken lived got an order from the local community college. They were going to have a big chicken barbeque fundraiser and needed lots of chickens!

The chicken heard about it. She was so excited! At last, this would be her chance. When the workers came out, the other chickens just kept scratching in the dirt, but she jostled her way to the front of the group. When the workers began picking up chickens and tossing them into a pen, the other chickens scattered in all directions, but she jumped up and down, trying to catch their attention.

"Take me! Take me!" she clucked. "I've always wanted to go to school and be smart!"

As if hearing her wish, one of the workers picked her up and placed her into the pen. Oh, she was beside herself with joy!

Until the workers sent her to the butchery. That's where she learned the meaning of the word "barbecue." And she was never a bird-brained chicken again.

The End

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