Hi! I'm Caryn! I'm a "Martha Pullen Dress Me Goetz" doll! The name on my box is Joanna, named after Martha's very own daughter! The dress I came in was an heirloom dress, like Martha is famous for; but I got chocolate cake on it at my welcome party and then it ripped while I was jumping on the trampoline, so I gave the dress to Julia. (It's not the dress she's wearing in her photo, though.)

I have a number on my tummy (376/2000), which means something, but I'm not sure what. Kailey says it means "absolutely nothing at all" because I'm not a "genuine American GirlŪ doll."

Oh, well! Since the number on my tummy doesn't mean anything, I suppose neither does the name on my box. So I'm going to call myself Joanna Shanna Banana Barbie Girl Martha Rose Petal Power Pullen, or Caryn, for short. I might add other names, too!


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