Candy and Alicia

Hi, I'm Candy, our house's first Japanese doll! My real name is Kohana. Candy is the American nickname my sisters gave me. I came here in the same big box as Alicia (below).

My hobby is dancing. I dance mostly ballet, as you can see from my picture. Lily made that outfit for me. It's my favorite! Marisol and I have dance classes every morning, but I learn more than I teach. We have many students. Kailey is particular about what she dances--"I might not become famous if I learn that dance" --(She gave up on "A real American Girl doll wouldn't dance like that," when Marisol came)--and outright refused to join the Mexico Folkdancing class!

Both Alicia and I are made by the Gotz® company.

Here's a poem I wrote for a poem contest. I won first prize!

 Follow the rainbow
And see where it leads
It could go anywhere
This beauty of beads
Water droplets floating
In simple midair
Create an illusion
We all want to share
Weather is like that
Both below and above
But it's all controlled
By our God, who is love

Here's a story I wrote about a dancer!



My name is Alicia. Everybody likes me. My hobbies are photography, computer graphics, and studying. When I grow up, I'm going to be either a mathematician, a veterinarian, a doctor, or a mommy. I haven't decided yet. I think it depends on whether I get married, which I probably won't, because we don't have a boy doll* and even if we did, I don't know if he'd be my boyfriend because I'm really busy all the time and there would be a lot of other girls trying to be his girlfriend. So I'll probably be a mathematician.


Here's a story I wrote called:
The Chicken That Went To School


This is our dog, Lady, only she's a lot bigger than this.

*Except Alex. But you can't count him as a "boy doll" because he's a brother.


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