Left to Right: Margaret, Lolly, Annie, and Britney

Hello, we're Margaret, Annie, and Britney. We're from the Battat Little Friends™ 15" Doll Collection. Our very good friend, Lolly, is 16" tall and was made by Horsman Dolls®. We're all five-years-old, except Lolly, who's six. Our favorite game is Princess in the Castle, and we love blocks and singing and dancing and Daleks and ponies and playing make-believe. And everything else!


Left to Right: Melissa, Jennifer, Sydney, Margaret, Elena, and Andrea May Lee


Here's a poem Annie wrote:

I had a thing
But it was a garbage can.


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Left to Right: Margaret, Britney, Annie, and Lolly


Britney and our big sister Melissa


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