Hi, I'm Allison, Allison Wonderland. I am a Gotz® Stolle doll. Unlike the other dolls (the blue-eyed ones), my eyes aren't blue. They're aqua-ish. My friends tell me this dress really suits me, so I wore it for this picture. It's my favorite, anyways, since it looks like my heroine's. I have always loved a certain book. Bet you can't guess which one!

I'm hoping to one day become a really, really, really famous movie star! I would wear poofy hoop dresses, when I'm not wearing sparkly, red, floor-length evening gowns. I've already decided my wardrobe, so I'll have more time for other stuff when I'm all grown up. If not a movie star, I will be a famous fashion model-singer--have you ever heard my version of "The Star Spangled Banner?"--or possibly an actress. I'll have a katrillion dollars and I'll have a ton of servants and live...I haven't decided yet. Either in a castle or a fancy, expensive hotel. And my best movies will be "Alice in Wonderland," and "The Mystery of the Magnetic Fish."


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