How the Paper Bag Was Invented
by Marisol

Long ago and far away, in a beautiful castle of gold, the Princess Velricanina was pondering a very serious, modern problem. Resting her delicate, pale face in her cupped, white hands, she puzzled over it for hours.

Finally, her maid, Rosette, entered the room under a large stack of folded blankets. “Aye, don’t trouble that there pretty black ‘ead, Princess.”

“Oh, Rosy!” The Princess sighed. “The kingdom is in turmoil.” She raised her olive green eyes to look into Rosette’s deep brown ones. “As the Princess, it is my duty to set the fashion for the people. Yet I have worn every possible outfit, and my people are even now demanding a new one. I don’t know what to do!” A single, sparkling tear dropped into the lap of her satin dress. She blinked, fluttering her long, dark eyelashes.

Rosette dropped the sheets on the bed and unbraided the princess’s hair. She ran the golden comb through the whole dark length of it. “ ’ave you tried…linen?” she suggested.

“Yes, every kind of fabric ever invented has been used.”

“Cardboard, then. Or newspaper.”

“Yes, yes,” said Velricanina. “Both of them.”

“ ‘ow about…Paper!”

The Princess lifted her head, a gleam of hope in her large eyes. “Paper!”

The maid, mistaking the exclamation for a question, continued. “Paper. The stuff made from trees, you know. Good for writing paper, it is, an’ the stuff newspaper’s printed on. Only try it without ink, that won’t take weeks to wash off, it won’t.”

“Yes!” The Princess was in ecstasy. “I shall call the Royal Dressmakers immediately!”

And so, soon the Princess stepped out on her marble balcony clutching in her dainty hand what would soon become the latest in purses…the paper bag!

They were sold in a variety of colors, and everyone carried them, praising Velricanina and Rosette ever after for their unending wisdom, creativity, and resourcefulness.

The End

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