Princess Britney's Story

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was in love with a prince. The prince was the good guy, but the other prince was the bad guy. The princess didn't want to marry the bad prince.

The king was in the parlor, eating bread and honey. Not his money, he didn't want to eat that. Suddenly, he saw all his honey was all gone.

"Darn!" he said. He rang the golden bell on the big table with the silk tablecloth in front of him. A servant guy came.

"Get me more honey!" said the king.

"No," said the servant guy.

"Why not? I'm the king." said the king.

"But you didn't say please."

"Oh." said the king. "Can I have more, honey, please?"

"Sure!" said the servant guy, and he went to get some.

Meanwhile, the beautiful princess was riding her white horse with pink hair in the woods, looking for the nice prince...

The pretty little white pony, with pink hair and a purple bow in her hair, carried the princess. She carried the princess because she was too heavy for the princess to carry. They went into the woods, and near a stream, and then the princess fell in and got wet.

"Oh, dear!" she said. "My mommy is going to be mad!" She stood up and looked at her very, very wet dress. "And my hair is wet and my face is wet and my hands are wet! And my shoes! I hate it when my shoes get wet. Then they make squishy noises."

Then the prince came along.

"Hi, prince!" said the princess.

"Hi, princess!" said the prince.

But then the bad prince sneaked up and took all the good prince's money. "Ha ha ha!" he said. He ran away.

"We need to get him!" said the prince.

"Yes," said the princess. "Lets get on my pony."

But the bad prince had took the pony, too.

"Waaa!" said the princess.

"It's okay," said the prince. "Here's a lollipop."

The princess licked the lollipop. "Oh, strawberry! Yummy!" she said.


Well, they didn't catch the bad prince, but they were walking anyways. The princess tripped over a flower and smooshed it flat. Out came a fairy.

"I will give you each three wishes," she said. (Her name is Matilda.)

"I wish I had a pony," said the princess. Matilda gave her a magic pony that was blue with a yellow mane and a pink tail and had butterflies all over her and could fly. She could talk, too.

"Oh!" said the princess. "It's Seraphina's twin sister!"

(I have to go eat lunch. Lily will take over while I'm gone.)

Then the prince wished, "I wish I had a two-ton tank, complete with built-in burger stand and a machine gun."

The fairy said, "I'm sorry, but that will use up all of your wishes. And you'll have to pay taxes on it for the rest of your life."

"That's okay," said the prince. "It's worth it. I want to blow that bad prince to smithereens."

(I'm back now.)

The princess used her last two wishes to get another lollipop for the prince because he wanted one too, and a sparkly pink fairy wand.

"Let's go!" she said, getting on the pony--who's name is Cornelia--and flying away.


They flew and flew until they reached the giant black castle where the bad prince lived.

"I'll go in first," said Anneliese.

"I will," said Dominick.

But then the Prince Preminger flew down on his bad, red dragon and kidnapped Anneliese!

"Oh, no," said the prince. "I have to rescue her."

So he went in the castle. He met a gaurd. The gaurd wouldn't let him past until he gave him cookies. So he gave him cookies and went past.

A ton of weird stuff was in the castle. There were tons of dragons who wanted to eat Dominick, so he shot them all dead because they wanted to eat him. They were bad dragons. There was one nice dragon, so he didn't shoot that one. That one wanted to be his friend. So he and the dragon went on and found more weird stuff. In the kitchen were a bunch of guys with lightsabers. Dominick took a lightsaber too and killed the bad guys with lightsabers. The good ones with lightsabers were happy.

"Thank you," they said nicely.

"You're welcome," he said. They all ate some pie.

Then he and the dragon kept going and found a stage. On the stage were two Barneys. One was the good one, and one was the bad one. The dragon blew fire and fried the bad one. He knew he was bad because the good one said so. Then Barney called out Baby Bop and BJ because they had been hiding and they went on TV.

Then they went out to the garden. There were roses in every color. Pink and yellow and white and purple and all the other colors. But there was nothing else out there, so Dominick and the baby dragon left again. They went to the dungeon. There was the princess! But they couldn't get to her because of a magic wall.

"How do we get you out?" asked the prince.

"We'll have to think," said the princess. so they thought and thought and thought...

"Ah ha!" said the dragon. "You can use your sparkly pink fairy wand!"

(I got to go wash my hands. Be right back.)

"But you can only use it once!" exclaimed Princess Anneliese. "Once you've used it, it disintegrates into dust. I've always wanted one of these. And they were only out for a limited time! You can't get them any more!"

"Listen," said the prince, disgusted, "Just use the wand to make yourself another wand, then use one of them to get yourself out."

"Oh!" said the princess, smiling. "I never thought of that!" She made another wand and put it in her pocket, then with an, "Abracadabra, shimmeree, presto chango wipper-whee," she was free!

"I'm hungry," she said after the wall had vanished. "Making magic spells is hard work."

"Let's have a burger from my tank," said the prince.

"Fine," said the princess, "But I want mine with mustard."

(Oops, Britney's back.)

"We have the princess, so let's..." The dragon stopped. "What's that noise?"

Everyone listened and screamed, "The castle is falling apart! Everybody ruuuuuuuuuuun!"

They ran and ran and ran and ran until they were safe at Princess Anneliese's castle. They found Seraphina there. She had went there herself.

"Phew!" said Cornelia. "You're safe!"

Then the bad prince went away. He was good from then on. The baby dragon was the castle pet, and was very helpful in the kitchen when the stove wasn't working. Then Anneliese and Dominick got married, and they all lived happily ever after...

The End


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